Windows 11 transition not smooth – 2022

windows 11 transition not smooth

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Liveliness Effects In Windows 11 Lagging

If you find Windows 11’s liveliness effects to be annoying and your framework is becoming drowsy, don’t worry. There are several things you can do that will help. This is the aide we will show.

What do animation effects do in Windows?

Windows 11’s movement impacts make Windows 11 more beautiful and less dull. File Explorer, for example, feels much smoother and more alive. The movement impacts are also useful when you limit or augment windows and applications. Below you will find all the impacts that we have.

  • Clicking can make dull menu items
  • Slide open combo boxes
  • Smooth-scroll box with a list
  • Windows have vitalize controls and components
  • Vitalize windows by limiting or expanding
  • The taskbar is alive with life
  • Slide or blur menus to view
  • Slide or blur ToolTips into view

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To improve performance, switch off animation effects in Windows 11

Windows 11’s motion impacts help improve the user experience and are an important development. It can sometimes make your framework feel lazy. To turn off the lifeliness effects and to check if execution is reestablished, follow any of the methods in this article.

If you have issues with Windows 11 slow startup or boot time, it is possible to turn off movement impacts. Windows computers often start up slowly due to startup bloatware and poor updates.

Why are animations slow in Windows 11?

There are many reasons why your Windows 11 PC is experiencing liveliness issues. We have listed some of the most common ones below. It could be that you don’t have the latest driver for your design, that your hardware is not up to the standard, or that a new update has adversely affected the liveliness of your Windows 11 computer.

Are Animation Effects a Threat to Windows 11 Performance?

Yes, that’s the simple answer! The liveliness effects in Windows 11 can make the exhibition less dynamic. It will also make it marginally more laggy if your framework isn’t up to the task.

Fix Windows 11 Visual Effects Lagging

Windows 11 Update

First, make sure you have the latest Windows 11 updates installed. There may be a fix within another update that resolves the problem. Windows 11 is new and may have some issues as everyone’s setups and equipment are different.

Right-click the beginning menu symbol > Settings
Click Windows Update in the left-hand navigation > Click the “Check for updates” button

Update the GPU Driver

The most recent driver for your graphics card can fix a lot of problems in Windows 11. The driver you choose to install will depend on which design card you have. There are many options available: NVIDIA and AMD, Intel, and Intel.

Change Power Plan

Windows 11 may be using a power-saving power program that will limit your computer’s presentation. This is one reason why you may experience a slowdown in Windows when trying to get things done, such as limiting or amplifying.

Right-click the Windows 11 Start Menu and select “Power Options”.
Change the “Power mode to Best execution”

Diminish Animation Effects

You don’t have to disable all activity impacts in Windows 11, but you can keep some of them. This will help decrease slacking in Windows 11.

Search “Change the appearance or execution of Windows” in the start menu.
Click on the “Special visualizations”, then select the movement effects you wish to turn off.

Click Apply and click OK.


We are confident that the following techniques will resolve any issues you were having with enhanced visualizations in Windows. Although the WIndows 11 Liveliness Impacts look great, if they are making your framework slow down even after you have done the above techniques, then you should turn them off until your work on equipment within your framework is completed (if it is equipment-related).

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