Which RAM is best for gaming PC?-2022

Which RAM is best for gaming PC?

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RAM (random access memory) is a crucial element in every gaming PC. By adding more RAM, you can increase system performance and speed up frame rates compared to ones with less memory.

Learn the workings of RAM and how you can find compatible modules, and what much memory you actually require to play.

How It Work?

RAM’s function is to store temporary data required by a computer to function properly. But , unlike a disk drive, also known as an SSD (solid-state drives) which can keep data forever RAM is reset every when the system is restarted.

RAM can be described as “volatile memory” meaning that it stores information when it is powered and is not an “non-volatile” HDD or SSD. Software is loaded into RAM during their use, but remain on a drive that is permanently stocked with storage (until removed).

Computers require quick access to data that is temporary to run programs or perform tasks. The latest PC games, like they require rapid access to art assets. Games can read and write data into RAM, which is times quicker than accessing data from an storage device.

How Should I Know  That What RAM is compatible with Your Motherboard?

SO-DIMM RAM (Top) is mostly used in laptops and very tiny motherboards. DIMM RAM (Bottom) is utilized in desktop motherboards that are standard.

Before you think about the capacity of your RAM and frequency, make sure that the RAM you choose will work with both your processor and motherboard. A module that is not compatible aren’t going to work, and RAM that’s not designed for your computer may not perform as well.

Which RAM is best for gaming PC?

We’re about to enter an era of change when it comes to the top gaming RAM is related. While DDR4 memory is the norm for a long time however, the latest advances in DDR5 are almost here, promising higher performance than before and previously impossible. Although DDR5 models may be technically available, it’s hard to locate them available, and the ones available for sale come with high costs. It’s still a while away from the most recent generation of sticks entering the market, and probably some time away from standardization, which is why we recommend DDR4 models like the ones you’ll see below. This is only twelfth version of Intel Core CPUs that support DDR5 at the moment of writing.

The minimum capacity you’re looking at with the most powerful gaming memory is 16GB. However, 32GB is the recommended size for people looking to perform tasks that require a processor like video editing or 3D rendering, with results, too. It’s not even talking about the coming Direct Storage API which is due to be added to Windows 11 sooner rather than later. If you’re determined to have the most demanding games loaded and running smoothly, then you’ll require high-speed RAM for slowing down your setup.

To maximize the performance of the most powerful gaming RAM However, you’ll have to determine which one is likely to be the best compatible for your chip and motherboard to get the highest speeds you can get. It’s important to remember that dual channel memory kits will perform better than one stick, make sure to keep this in mind when looking for alternatives. Be sure not to mix models. Also, make sure you make sure that your sticks remain consistent.

G.Skill DDR4 32GB RAM-3600 MHz

Which RAM is best for gaming PC?
  • Brand: G.Skill
  • Type: DDR4
  • Speed: 3600 MHz
  • Size: 32 GB
  • Specially designed for high level gaming pc

If you’re using the AMD Ryzen gaming PC then the G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series 32GB is the perfect choice. Even with RGB highlights, we’ve seen that it is priced very affordably when compared to other kits for memory with a similar specs.

Created and optimized to work with the most recent AMD Ryzen platform, Trident Z Neo brings unbeatable memory performance and vivid RGB lighting to AMD-based gaming computers or workstations.

Dual-Tone Design

It is designed with a striking contrast of black matte aluminum and silver powder coated The Trident Z Neo dual-toned heatspreader gives power and a bold look to your next-generation build.

Sleek Beveled Edge

Inspired by the stripes that race on supercars and sports cars, Trident Z Neo features a beveled edge on at the very top of its iconic tri-fin design , and an unidirectional slant that gives it the sleek and modern appearance.

Powerful and high Performance 

Made with hand-screened memory ICs and customized 10-layer PCBs, each of the modules is designed to ensure the highest quality of signal to ensure rapid overclocking performance.

Control and modify eight-zone RGB lighting using the download Trident Z Lighting Control software.

Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 4400 MHz (16GBx2)

Which RAM is best for gaming PC?
  • Wonderful lighting
  • Lightning-fast performance
  • Future-proofed for many years

We’ll tell you the truth Make sure you only look at RAM this speedy if the goal is to stomp the heck out of your computer. In addition to benefit from these incredible speeds, you’ll require a motherboard that can withstand that type of load.

When you’ve got the equipment to support it – and you’re willing to take the risk, there’s no doubt that a dual-channel 4400MHz set will work without a hitch for several years. However, when it comes to gaming specifically, expect just a slight increase in framerate dependent on the game (usually about 5-10 additional FPS). In reality, it’s less about the gaming capabilities of a device like this and more about what they can do to improve the day-to-day running of your device.

What Type of RAM Is Right for Your Gaming PC?

In the end, the amount of RAM you will need to play games will be contingent on your budget and the type of case. Before purchasing ensure that the specifications of your RAM match your particular requirements.

It is crucial to find a balance between RAM alongside the rest of your system’s components since they all play an important crucial role in determining your overall performance.

Recommended by us: G.Skill DDR4 32GB RAM-3600 MHz or Crucial Ballistix RGB 3200 MHz DDR4

RAM isn’t a major bottleneck in playing, unless you have enough. For the majority of games of today eight GB is an adequate base, but 16GB is rapidly becoming the norm. It’s also dependent on the way you use your computer. If you’re playing only a game it will require less RAM than when you’re also using Discord as well as streaming video during your game.

In general with regards to games, the speed of performance is not as important than the quantity. It’s all about that you balance your needs, and 16GB of RAM that is extremely slow isn’t ideal. But if you’re buying modern memory, 16GB of DDR4 RAM is generally preferable in comparison to the 8GB DDR4 with slightly better speed.

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