What is cost of 16GB RAM? – 2022

What is cost of 16GB RAM?

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In case you’re expecting to extend your PC execution, upgrading your PC’s RAM can to a great extent be an incredibly monetarily clever strategy for dealing with the speed of your PC.

In this article, we’ll look how the sum RAM usually costs for a PC, what to look for while buying RAM, and what you can want to see execution clever if you will buy and presenting extra RAM.

The sum Does RAM Cost?

Crush these days is really unobtrusive, but costs vacillate dependent upon the age sort of the RAM – which not completely settled by its age – and besides the size of the RAM in Gigabytes (GB).

More noteworthy is for the most part better here – the greater proportion of GB available, the more memory space is open for your PC to perform tasks and this customarily will additionally foster execution (yet keep on examining for extra nuances).

Laptops conveyed after around 2015 onwards will use DDR4 RAM, and this is the flow standard used today, and basically all new PC works beginning around 2017 should use DDR4 (if they don’t that is because they may have been using more prepared model motherboards that just recognized the previous age RAM).

Before DDR4 RAM there was DDR3 type RAM, used by PCs conveyed around 2008 – 2015. Much else prepared than 2008 (which is old in PC years so would be truly unprecedented now) would use DDR2 (conveyed in 2003), or perhaps the extensively earlier DDR type RAM (conveyed in 2000).

In particular, for the later RAM types, it’s huge that DDR4 RAM has a hardly exceptional ‘score’ position than DDR3, so the two sorts are not suitable or tradable. Your motherboard will simply recognize one RAM type so guarantee you know which one that is before you purchase.

What to Look For When Buying RAM

While buying RAM, you should ponder the going with components:

Crush Type/Generation: DDR4 RAM is the current standard on fresher structures (PCs set free from around 2015 onwards). If your PC was worked between around 2008 – 2015, it presumably uses DDR3 RAM. Check which type is reasonable with your motherboard, as they are not tradable.

Closeness: Ensure the RAM you select will be speed and voltage reasonable with your motherboard.

Brand: Pick a real brand considering their assurance, plan, constancy, past execution and cost. If possible, buy matching RAM sticks for ideal execution of your system. A couple of renowned and genuine brands consolidate –

Size: How much RAM do you need? This will depend upon your current PC gear, and what you hope to include your PC for (general use, gaming, video modifying, etc.)

For general use, around 4GB of RAM is abundance, while gamers or video editors should have wherever 8 to 32GB of RAM. Really, anything over 32 GB is a piece incredibly abundance aside from assuming that you have master prerequisites.

What Performance Improvements to Expect

In case RAM is the ‘bottleneck’ in your PC gear, you can expect to see a massive improvement in dealing with speed by overhauling or acquainting additional RAM with your gather.

The justification for RAM is to help your PC’s processor in taking care of brief information for fast access during undertakings. Expecting that you have insufficient RAM this can cause laggy action and a slow running PC.

Redesigning or presenting extra RAM can deal with this for just the expense of an extra RAM stick, yet given that the real RAM is the confining gear in your PC.

Best 16GB RAM suggested by us

What is cost of 16GB RAM?
  • Brand: Kingston FURY
  • Capacity: 16GB
  • Data rate: 3600MHz
  • Memory type: DDR4

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Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB conveys an increase in execution and style with rates of up to 3733MHz, forceful styling, and RGB lighting that runs the length of the module for smooth and staggering impacts.

This amazing, savvy overhaul is accessible in 2666MHz-3733MHz velocities, CL15-19 latencies, single module limits of 8GB-32GB, and unit limits of 16GB-128GB. It highlights Plug N Play programmed overclocking at 2666MHz velocities and is both Intel XMP-prepared and prepared for Ryzen. Fierceness Beast DDR4 RGB stays cool with its up-to-date, low-profile heat spreader.

A straightforward and simple Plug N Play redesign, Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB will auto-overclock itself to the most noteworthy recorded speed permitted by the framework BIOS.

Prepare memory that is for Ryzen and will flawlessly incorporate with your AMD-based framework. A solid, viable presentation support for your construct.

Our architects have predefined Intel Extreme Memory Profiles intended to expand the exhibition of our memory modules arriving at speeds up to 3733MHz. RGB impacts stay adjusted because of Kingston’s licensed infrared sync innovation.

Give your fight station a slick overhaul because of Beast DDR4 RGB’s hotness spreader and adjustable smooth, staggering RGB impacts. Utilize the strong Kingston FURY CTRL programming or motherboard maker’s product to make your own look.


RAM is a really sensible part in your PC, but an update in this space can provoke recognizable redesigns in execution expecting your current structure has inadequate memory limit.

To purchase RAM for a current PC gather, you would look at spending around $10 – $50 per stick, dependent upon size, age type, and brand.

Factors to consider join memory type, brand, likeness and size. For additional information on RAM, let us know in the comments below.

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