What games can the element Mini 9300 play? – 2022 

What games can the element Mini 9300 play

The element Mini 9300 is a small but powerful PC that can play a variety of games. While it may not be able to handle the most graphically intensive games on the market, it can easily play popular games.

  • Fortnite 
  • CS: GO
  • COD Warzone
  • League of Legends
  • Apex legends


( It can run up to 400 fps on Fortnite. )

You could run warzone in this computer and of path you may upload extra ram. a: smooth a hundred and twenty 1080p low on overall performance mode high meshes :), i wouldn’t endorse buying this pc, considering it has a gt 730, atmost on warzone you will get 30fps on low photographs.

You will not have any problems walking and streaming those games at 1080p and above 60fps.

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