Is iBuyPower or Alienware better? – 2022

Is iBuyPower or Alienware better?

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The subject of which is better for a PC, Alienware or iBuyPower, has been chatted for quite a while. Numerous people acknowledge that Alienware is awesome since they have common gear and plan.

NOTE: Now you can easily compare alienware aurora R10 (AWAUR10-A886BLK-PUS) / ibuypower Pro (TRACE 9230)

Alienware Aurora R10 (AWAUR10-A886BLK-PUS)

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Processor (CPU): AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Memory (RAM): 8gb
  • Graphics card (GPU): Radeon RX 5700 XT
  • Weight: 38.5 lbs (17.46 kg)
  • Size (length x width x height): ( ‎24.8 x 22.2 x 16.3 inches)
  •  (OS): Windows 10 Home
  • Hard drives: 500gb SSD, 1000gb HDD

Amazon Description:

The new alienware aurora ryzen edition PC gives you the electricity to increase and discover new worlds with as much as sixteen-middle third era amd ryzen processor

The aurora ryzen version is the primary alienware gadget to feature pci-specific 4.0 technology, which doubles the bandwidth available to graphics cards for greater average gaming performance. additionally, any issue for your pci-express bus is given greater bandwidth so you can revel in better performance while creating, streaming or recording.

The new aurora capabilities our legend business design with an improved airflow sample. the legend identity ensures airflow actions extra fluidly and efficaciously to reduce cpu temperatures. lower temperatures mean overall performance with extra stability and higher overclocking, which results in higher frames per 2d whilst gaming. additionally, the legend business layout lowers temperatures by up to 8% at the voltage regulator heatsink over its predecessor.

Our Verdict:

The brand new alienware aurora ryzen edition computing device gives you the power as compared to the iBUYPOWER Pro (TRACE 9230) to increase and explore new worlds with amd ryzen 7 3700x (eight-center, 32mb l3 cache, max improve clock of four.4ghz) processor. designed for powerful, wise and efficient gaming performance.

Your device provides unwavering overclocking abilities routinely thanks to 16gb twin channel hyperx fury ddr4 xmp at 2933mhz reminiscence. hyperx memory modules are examined at speeds to make certain they may be unfastened from production and cloth defects, and preset timings, covered on the reminiscence modules, permit the highest overall performance feasible in your device.

Compare alienware aurora R10 (AWAUR10-A886BLK-PUS) / ibuypower Pro (TRACE 9230)


Best Pick
7.3/10 Our Score


  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7-9700K
  • Memory (RAM): 16gb
  • Graphics card (GPU): GeForce RTX 2070
  • Weight:30 lbs (13.61 kg)
  • Size (length x width x height): 19.76 x 19.48 x 8.54 inches
    (50.19 x 49.48 x 21.69 cm)
  •  (OS): Windows 10 Home
  • Hard drives: 240gb SSD, 1000gb HDD

Amazon Description:

ibuypower pro gaming  pc computing device intel i7-9700k eight-middle three.6 ghz, geforce rtx 2070 8gb, 16gb ddr4, 1tb hdd, 240gb ssd, z370, liquid cooling, wifi ready, windows 10, vr ready (hint 9230, black)
gadget: intel middle i7-9700k 8-center processor three. 6 ghz (4. nine ghz max faster) explicit chipset real home windows 10 home sixty four-bit high-give up

Pix: nvidia geforce rtx 2070 8gb committed gaming video card geared up show play your favourite video games on extremely!

Connectivity: 5 x usb three. 1 forty five network ethernet 10/100/one thousand audio: 7. 1 ch. hd audio wireless + bluetooth geared up

Unique add-ons: ibuypower signature trace liquid cooled wireless + bluetooth equipped loose ibuypower gaming keyboard & mouse

Guarantee: 1 12 months parts & labor + loose lifetime tech support assembled inside the u. s. a

Our Verdict:

This computer comes with a 1tb 7200rpm sata iii tough power and 240gb ssd that offers adequate storage for all your favorite video games and content. equip yourself with this powerful gaming desktop and experience most stressful and popular video games in the marketplace today.

Final verdict  | After comparing both PCs which one is overall best

For overall performance alienware aurora r10 has loads higher appearing processor and also has a lot of performance as compare to the ibuypower pro.

ibuypower pro has extra RAM memory. [ AW(8GB), IB pro (16GB) ]

For displaying portraits aurora r10 has a quicker portraits card.

iBUYPOWER pro is lighter, because it  has a light weight, easy to carrying as compare to the Alineware aurora .

The Aurora r10 PC  has greater ssd Storage.

Final decision

After comparing both pcs, now you can easily decide that which one is better, but we think aurora is better choice.


Is iBuyPower or Alienware better

The subject of which is better for a PC, Alienware or iBuyPower, has been chatted for quite a while. Numerous people acknowledge that Alienware is awesome since they have common gear and plan.

The contrary side acknowledges that iBuyPower offers even more incentive for your cash with quality parts at a sensible expense. Despite which you pick, it’s essential for guarantee you get what meets your prerequisites. Whether or not one brand may be better in specific points, something about the other brand might work better with your specific situation!

So in case you want to buy another gaming system or PC, these are definitely stamps worth taking a gander at.

Is iBuyPower or Alienware better?

Key Differences between Alienware And IBuyPower

Alienware is a PC gear association that has down to earth insight in predominant execution gaming PCs. The association was laid out in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila.

It began as an assistant of the greater Dell Computers, yet it has transformed into a free substance with its own CEO. Its headquarters are arranged in Miami, Florida.

The name “Alienware” comes from the way that the coordinators expected to make PCs that would intrigue gamers looking for something particularly amazing and not exactly equivalent to what various associations introduced by then.

They also required their things to have an extraterrestrial feel about them to stand separated among competitors like Apple or HP/Compaq/Dell/Lenovo, etc…

This drove them to use space-themed anticipates their things, including outcast heads, UFO lights, and shining neon tones (see underneath).

Today, Alienware continues with this custom by offering a piece of the unprecedented PC plans you will track down somewhere else in the world!

Alienware Gaming PCs

Is iBuyPower or Alienware better?

The satisfactory alienware gaming pcs are well known for his or her premium revel in and pleasing design. more recent fashions have persisted this culture, with various pre-built rigs designed to provide excessive cease overall performance without the need to gather your computer yourself. they may be not like anything else on the market proper now, and, higher still, they’re cleverly prepare to make upgrades or tinkering as easy as feasible, notwithstanding the unusual and original designs.

An alienware gaming PC of any variation, build, or stripe will provide some of the fine experiences in games and the pleasant overall performance that handiest the very pleasant gaming pc contenders can offer. actually positioned, if you’re on the hunt for a pre-built behemoth, then we don’t suppose you can pass incorrect at all with an alienware PC – it’ll be a real treat, and your setup might be speedy accelerated.

That’s why we’ve got listed the satisfactory alienware gaming pcs and their cutting-edge, lowest charges beneath; as well as spotlighting the number one fashions you ought to keep a watch out for, we’ve got also listed the sales, discounts, and bargains you should not miss.

IBuyPower Gaming PCs

ibuypower pc

iBuyPower is a custom PC producer that has useful involvement with better execution PCs expected than address the issues of gamers, power clients, content creators, and darlings the equivalent.

They are gotten comfortable the City of Industry, California, with working environments arranged all through North America, including Canada and Mexico, and undertakings based out of China.


Cost is imperative to consider preceding making your purchase decision. With costs starting at $1,200 for the iBuyPower, you won’t find various choices under this order.

While Alienware starts from around $800$1000 depending upon the plan. Considering everything, these PCs aren’t unobtrusive, so they go with more noteworthy costs.

Be that as it may, since by far most use them for step by step tasks like informing, scrutinizing destinations, watching accounts, etc, you shouldn’t expect anything unreasonably luxurious or exorbitant.

Battery Duration

Battery term is one more fundamental part while picking which PC to buy. Since the iBuyPower can run on battery alone, its battery span will change dependent upon how long you spend playing PC games.

Of course, Alienware needs some external port to charge through a divider charger.

Additional room

To the degree that additional room goes, the iBuyPower comes standard with 1TB hard drives in the meantime, the Alienware ships with 500GB SSDs.

Screen Size

The two brands have 15-inch screens with 1440p objective. In any case, while the iBuyPower has a foe of glare show decision, Alienware doesn’t have it.

Processor Speed

Another enormous difference is processor speed. While the iBuyPower uses Intel’s latest 6th time quad-focus CPUs up to 3GHz, the Alienware simply offers seventh Gen Core i5 processors. This infers less power for games yet the faster execution all things considered.


Alienware has a standard assurance on the whole of its things, while iBuyPower offers an assistance contract decision with additional consideration at no extra cost for clients who buy from us clearly.


Finally, I think the choice between these two is essential. There genuinely isn’t a great deal of inspiration driving why someone would pick one over the other with the exception of assuming maybe cost is something you’re stressed over.

To the extent that arrangement and quality, the two brands convey shocking things that perform well. Moreover neither one of the associations makes the best gaming workstations by a wide margin, they give decent decisions to any person who needs incredible plans nor a great deal of room for updates.

By and large, I’d say go with whichever brand feels better to you considering the way that finally, you really want to live with anything machine you end up purchasing.

In light of everything, expecting that you are basically starting with PC creating and don’t have even the remotest clue where to start, I particularly suggest checking out the Best Gaming Computer Under 1000 series for all your gear needs!

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