ibuypower – slate mr gaming desktop – intel i5-11400f – 2022

ibuypower – slate mr gaming desktop – intel i5-11400f

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  • Processor: Intel 11th Generation Core i5
  • Processor Model Number: Intel i5-11400F
  • Storage Type: SSD, HDD | Solid State Drive Capacity 240 gigabytes
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 1000 gigabytes
  • System Memory(RAM): 8 gigabytes
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • WiFi-Ready: Yes
  • 16 Color RGB Lighting Case
  • Accessories: Free iBuyPower Gaming Keyboard & RGB Gaming Mouse

Upgrade your gaming system by using the iBUYPOWER Desktop. It has 8GB of RAM. Intel the i5-11400F CPU that lets you handle a multitude of tasks at the same time and its NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 card allows for fast and smooth gaming without screen tears. The iBUYPOWER work space comes with a powerful 240GB state drive that can be used to save your top games.

Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and also brings new highlights, like that of the Edge Web program, which allows you to markup Web pages to display on your screen.

In depth, 12-string processors are what are what you’ll see. A large percentage of the price of the roughly center-centered AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (opens in new tab) You’re not receiving a significant portion of the gaming capabilities.

It has been a success; Bizarro CPU World has been a reality. The bizarre new truth is that the predominant processor is AMD with the highest priced, most impressive chips available to PC gamers. Intel has the distinction of that offers the options for spending plans which punch well above their weight category.

Execution must be identical between both, so you could easily choose which of the two variations that use the 11400 processor is the least expensive and feel satisfied with the choice you made. Because the Core i5 11400/F has a fantastic gaming CPU that is priced to be a financial plan.

Its Core i511400F enhances it a bit. It is a 12-string configuration because of Intel finally lifting the ban on Hyper-Threading that was imposed by the counterfeits and is able to reach a 4.2GHz all-center Turbo speed. If you stick to the Intel recommended limits, it is only for a short time but most motherboards allow the option of allowing the processor to operate at the cutoffs.

Our tests, using Intel’s recommended power limits demonstrate that the i5 11400F is completely running the Comet Lake 10400F i5 with regard to single-strung execution. This is merely where the benefits from this Cypress Cove center seems contrasted against the Skylake central core of Intel’s other 14nm chips.

Intel i5-11400F processor

Local six-center handling delivers powerful yet shrewd power to ensure cutting-edge gaming advanced display, and HD video editing.

8GB framework memory that gives you cutting-edge performance in multiple tasks.

High-speed DDR4 RAM to effortlessly play your heavy PC games and video altering programs and a variety of programs and tabs simultaneously.

240GB solid state drive (SSD) to give you a blend of additional space and speed.

The SSD offers speedy boot up and stack time and plenty of space for your top games and recordings.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 images

It is powered by 2GB dedicated video memory, it can provide stunning images for recording and games.

ibuypower - slate mr gaming desktop - intel i5-11400f

Tempered Glass RGB Gaming Case

The only compact and elegant gaming case the iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC is based on the popular Liquid RGB case design. The case sports 16K Gold-Plated KSZ RGB LEDs, a built-in 5-line flip-flop style light control, and a concealed crushed copper top for a warm, kitchen-familiar feel.

The included, high-quality Liquid RGB Backlit Keyboard is the ideal choice for gaming on the move. The MX Blue model features a QHD (1366×768) resolution, Multicore angel black layout with 80-key supports, and a red backlight that illuminates both the keypad and the board.

The included Liquid RGB Mouse also has a QHD (1366×768) resolution, Multicore angel black layout, and allows for both left and right-click sensitivity adjustments. The included bundle also includes an extensive range of Accessories, including an optional USB Power Wand and a few dozen programmable AAA batteries. 

Free iBuyPower Gaming Keyboard & RGB Gaming Mouse

The iBuyPower Red & Blue wireless gaming keyboards and mice feature red, orange and green backlighting, and Take Two terminals, making them the perfect choice for gaming on the move.

The included Red and Blue iBuyPower Gaming Mouse supports left and right-click sensitivity and has a scroll wheel for both left and right-click movement, as well as a built-in left and right-click button to save you from accidentally pressing the wrong buttons.

Is the iBUYPOWER slate Mr good for gaming?

Ibuypower has end up one of the maximum popular manufacturers within the prebuilt gaming pc market. and, in this post, we’ve highlighted five of the exceptional ibuypower computers presently available to help you find a strong laptop in your desires.

Fr an even extra inexpensive gaming computer option from ibuypower slate mr gaming desktop gives a solid mix of hardware with a view to supply high-quality in-game performance.


Our tests, using Intel’s recommended power limits shows the i5 11400F completely homologating the Comet Lake i5 10400F in respect to the single strung operation. This is merely the benefits over this Cypress Cove center seems contrasted with the Skylake center that is at the heart of Intel’s other 14nm chip.

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