Ibuypower graphics card upgrade – 2022 | Ultimate Guide 

Ibuypower graphics card upgrade

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The most commonly known PC update is an additional illustrations device (GPU). The introduction of a new GPU can often result in awe-inspiring results in gaming and video editing. The process of updating and trading out your graphics card is easy and easy if you adhere to our speedy starting aid.

If you’re deciding on which GPU you want to buy it is possible to look over the prior outline of the NVIDIA 30 series of cards.

If it’s not too difficult be aware that this is an air-cooled GPU. A fluid-cooled GPU can be a much more complex process that we’ll be covering soon.



The most straightforward change one could do to their gaming computer to improve their performance is to redesign their card. Based on the month-to-month Steam Hardware and Software Survey the majority of players are currently using 20 series and 10 series cards.

Re-evaluating your GPU will provide you with rapid and visible information on the age of games. In a perfect world I would suggest that you upgrade the entire age of your GPU (10 series, to 20 series, or a 20 series to 30 series) however, supply issues can make that difficult. 

A 10 series 30 series GPU modification will allow gamers to play the majority of their games in High and Ultra High settings and will additionally enable NVIDIA RTX for a select number of games.

Although, with the limitation in the 20 series, getting a card is more simple to accomplish, and is it will allow you to play most games on High as well as Ultra High settings and have RTX equipped.

 If you decide to go for to go through a GPU upgrade but are aware of how to bring in one, take a look at our article that explains both the process of selecting the best GPU and the process of introducing one. To learn more about NVIDIA GPUs generally check out our companion page.

Before you purchase

Three of the most important things to remember before purchasing the GPU.

  • GPU aspects as well as your case’s aspects
  • PCIe accessible openings on your motherboard

Prerequisites for power

GPU features are likely to be the most fundamental aspect to be focusing on in this process. We must quickly look into three different variations from the 3060 GPU including specifically the ASUS TUF Gaming OC Edition, the EVGA The XC Gaming as well as MSI Gaming. MSI Gaming. 

All three of these cards are variations of the basic NVIDIA 3060 graphics card, but they have different features. The same is true for AMD cards, as demonstrated through these cards: AMD Radeon RX 5700XT and ASUS ROG Strix version from the 5700XT.

3060 Cards

5700XT Cards

In most cases, you’ll need to handle four out of five of these cards. However, the ASUS ROG Strix 5700XT comes in a different story. A lot of cases won’t provide enough space to accommodate it. 

Before purchasing the case, be sure to be able to identify your PC case and check the area of subtleties for GPU flexibility available to you. Most cases break it down into two general PC elements and maximum GPU freedom. It is important to concentrate on the maximum GPU liberty number.

Take a look at your Corsair Carbide series PC cases for a look at the different models. The images will show that it has a max GPU dimension of 330mm equivalent to 12.99 inches. In this regard, it can work with all the cards in addition to it being the ASUS ROG Strix Radeon 5700XT.

It is also important to make sure that you have a PCIe port on your motherboard that can accommodate the GPU. It shouldn’t be a problem by any means as you have a GPU installed in an opening for PCIe. If you’re considering adding another card to your existing setup, you must have an additional PCIe slot available. 

Last but not least, make sure you have an energy source unit (PSU) that is of sufficient power to run your new graphics card.

 If you’re planning to make a significant upgrade, for instance from an NVIDIA 1060 (still the most used card according to the Steam Hardware and Software Survey June 2021) to an NVIDIA 3060, you may encounter PSU problems. 1060 only requires 120 watts while the 3060 needs 200 watts. The recommended PSU power goes up from 400 watts up to 600 watts.

Another thing to consider regarding power is the number of connectors that a GPU requires. For a long time, the majority of GPUs have been expected to have one or two 6- and additional 8-pin connectors. However, there are a few NVIDIA 30 series models, like those in the ASUS ROG Strix 3080 10G gaming card, that have the use of three connectors with 8 pins. Based on the configuration you have it is possible to modify your PSU to allow additional 8-pin connectors.

Out with the old

If you’ve met all the requirements of the prerequisites above It’s the perfect time to pull out your old gaming machine and put in the brand new one to get back to playing as a superhero.

The first step is to turn off your computer completely and switch off the power. At that point, you’ll have to relocate your computer to a flat surface that doesn’t channel electric currents generated by friction. 

Although the majority of PCs today are extremely resistant against static shocks there’s nothing risk in taking your time and playing your cards safe. If you want to an enemy of static wristband, you can also put on an opponent of static wristband, or buy an anti-static mat.

Next, switch off the power lines that power you to turn off your GPU. At this point begin removing the GPU from the PC case’s backboard. Once you have achieved that it is the GPU is now linked to the PCIe space within your motherboard. 

The next step is to press down on the lock tab on the right-hand side of the PCIe open to unlock it. After this, you should be able to remove this GPU out of the PCIe area.

It is suggested to keep the old GPU in a static pack, the cloudy sacks GPUs are packaged in. It is also possible to keep it in the form of a cardboard box or even the crate of your new GPU if you don’t own the initial box it was in.

In With the New

Now is the perfect time to make similar advancements in the switch. Make adjustments to your new GPU by using the PCIe space. Push it in the hole until the secure tab is set up. The tab will secure so that it is secure in the event you correctly introduce your GPU.

 After that, insert the GPU into the backboard and then connect the power connections. There is a chance that your new GPU may require more power connections than the old one. If that’s the case then just route the connections you wish to use through your perfect framework of wires.

It’s over at this moment. Transfer the older GPU to a safe and dry storage location Return your PC to the gaming console, connect it to your computer, and start your computer using your new graphics card.


When it comes to improving your graphics card, you don’t want to risk damaging the computer by doing a DIY upgrade. Your best option is to take it to a professional who knows how to handle a graphics card replacement.

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