How can I connect my PC to WiFi without adapter?-2022

How can I connect my PC to WiFi without adapter?

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Having a wireless association for your work area is in some cases important. You might require this is on the grounds that you would rather not rely upon links, or possibly you simply need to put your work area elsewhere.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have a remote organization adapter or Wi-Fi adapter for your work area. Uplifting news: you can in any case have a wireless association in your PC without one. Peruse on to discover how.

Most PCs accompany an underlying Ethernet port for interfacing with your neighborhood organization and the web by means of an Ethernet link, however not all with Wi-Fi availability pre-introduced. You can utilize a Wi-Fi adapter, obviously, yet you can likewise interface a work area to Wi-Fi without a adapter.

A few PCs don’t have implicit remote associations introduced as a matter of course, in contrast to workstations. To interface your PC to the Internet, the vast majority use Wi-Fi adapters or dongles, or even wires. Yet, consider the possibility that you don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter. Beneficial thing is that you can associate your work area to Wi-Fi without a adapter, and I’ll show you how in this article.

In bygone times before the boundless reception of Wi-Fi, PC clients needed to append wires from the modem to their PC since that is the main way they can get to the Internet. Be that as it may, with Wi-Fi accessible, those long Ethernet links have gradually turned into a relic of past times, as you can without much of a stretch associate with the Internet remotely.

The main time where utilizing an Ethernet link checks out is in the event that the modem or switch is set close to your PC. Yet, assuming that the switch is arranged a few meters away, then, at that point, it’s smarter to simply utilize a USB WiFi adapter assuming your PC doesn’t have one inherent.

Wi-Fi adapters are modest and you can get one for around ₱300 ($6). The issue is that these USB Wi-Fi adapters will more often than not heat up with delayed use, so they regularly have a short life expectancy of a while. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that it’s from a notable brand or not – it will separate quite promptly. Truth be told, I once purchased a TP-Link Wi-Fi adapter and it went on for just a half year.

So assuming you utilize a USB remote adapter for your PC, it’s most likely really smart to have an additional a adapter as reinforcement since you won’t ever know when it quits working. Yet, assuming that you don’t have reinforcement and your adapter does not work anymore, you can utilize your cell phone as a brief Wi-Fi adapter until you can purchase another one.

3 Ways to Connect Your Desktop to Wi-Fi without an Adapter

Assuming you don’t have a USB adapter, fret not. This is the way you can interface your work station to a wireless association without one:

1. Use Your Smartphone as a Network Adapter

Beneath, we’ll let you know a few straightforward advances that you can follow to have a remote web association on your PC:

Snatch your cell phone and a USB link and turn on your PC. Indeed, even a charging USB link will work for this.

After your PC is turned on, interface your telephone with it utilizing the USB link. You will hear an acknowledgment sound from your PC and see a notice too.

  • Turn on wifi on your cell phone.
  • Then, haul down your cell phone’s notice bar and tap on the USB warning.
  • Select “USB ties” from the rundown of choices.

Then again, you can go to your cell phone’s settings, associations, and afterward turn on USB tying here.

Hang tight briefly. Ultimately, you’ll see that the Wi-Fi bars image in your PC’s taskbar has changed into a work area image. This implies you’re associated and prepared to ride the web now.

2. This is the way you can utilize your PC to associate your PC to remote web

  • For one thing, turn on your PC and ensure it is associated with your Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the control board and afterward click on ‘organization and web’.
  • Then, click on the principal choice that says ‘organization and sharing focus’.
  • On the left, you’ll see a few choices. Click on the one which says ‘change adapter settings’.
  • Observe the remote organization that is associated with your PC and right-click on it.
  • A container will open up, showing Wi-Fi properties. On the top, hit the sharing tab.
  • Then, mark the crate that says ‘permit other organization clients to associate through the PC’s web association’.
  • Presently, interface your PC and PC together through an Ethernet link.
  • Your PC will perceive the association, and you’re prepared to ride the web.

In any case, at times, you might need to choose the Ethernet choice subsequent to associating the link. Right-click on this and select Bridge Connections.

3. Ethernet Connection between a Router and Pc

Assuming that you have a remote gadget like a MiFi, yet you don’t have any wifi equipment for your pc, you can in any case build up an association between the two. For this, you’ll require a switch.

Along these lines, assuming you have a switch lying around in the house, you can involve it as a repeater which will associate your remote gadget to your pc through an Ethernet link.

You will not need to purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter for your pc thusly. In any case, assuming you don’t have a switch, purchasing a Wi-Fi adapter will be a lot less expensive and more straightforward arrangement.


As the truism goes, in the event that there’s a will, there’s a way. With just a cell phone and a USB link, you can have your own shoddy Wi-Fi adapter and begin riding the Internet straight away. There are no muddled arrangements and no dabbling with your PC – simply plug it and initiate USB tying on your cell phone.

Assuming you have any inquiries concerning interfacing your personal computer to Wi-Fi without an adapter, go ahead and remark beneath and I’ll give a valiant effort to react.

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