Best gaming ram for intel i9-2022

best gaming ram for intel i9

Intel’s brand new 12th Gen Intel Core “Alder Lake” desktop CPUs are bringing the battle for AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors, which come with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 RAM support, to boot. Intel’s Core i9-12900K is a powerful processor that is sure to draw the attention of power users across the globe who require 16 cores for intense multitasking or specialized work. Similar to many of the 12th Gen chips, the Core i9 supports both DDR4 as well as DDR5 RAM. The former is cheaper and easily available however, the latter provides better performance, but it is more expensive. DDR5 is not the same as top graphics cards so you may need to wait for stocks to get a bit more expensive when you are looking for the most current standard. But, this set of RAM can be an excellent addition to your brand new CPU.

You must purchase enough RAM to support the Core i9-12900K

The Core i9-12900K from Intel is an incredibly powerful processor that is suited to those who require the best performance, from top-of-the-line gaming to heavy editing of videos. If you’ve purchased the latest processor, it’s likely that you’re searching for some of the most suitable motherboards for this model to use it. It’s because the 12th Gen chips require a new LGA 1700 socket which is not backwards compatible, so that you’ll require a new motherboard to support this model. It also means you have to split your choice into DDR4 as well as DDR5 RAM support since the boards don’t offer both.

A few of the top RAM options for 12th generation Intel Core CPUs might appear familiar, such as this G.SKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4 Kit. It’s been around for quite a time, and has repeatedly proven its worth by its reliability, low price, speed and stylish appearance. If you’re not ready to upgrade to DDR5 because of supply shortages This is an excellent option to consider.

If you’re looking to upgrade your RAM to DDR5 and are able to find it available GeIL’s Polaris RGB Sync 32GB kit is an excellent option. It’s pricey (when you get it at a reasonable price) but it provides high speeds, an attractive design that includes RGB illumination, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The kits are typically available in various dimensions, and if two 16GB modules with 32GB of total appears to be too much it is possible to begin with a smaller amount and gradually increase it.

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